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habits: discipline vs. motivation


Every day we are given choices and a lot of these choices influence our habits for good or bad. Habits provide us with the things that we can control i.e., our attitude, what we eat, read, wear, listen to etc… For the past few weeks, I have been consumed with forming good habits in one specific area: writing.

With writing I am constantly battling my inner negativity monster and a slew of self doubts. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to establish a regular writing routine. I don’t know if any of you writers out there feel the same way, but for myself I used to give into my moods. If I wasn’t feeling particularly good or too busy or too tired on any given day I wouldn’t write. I’d give in to the excuse that I can’t be creative when I feel _____. I have learned that it takes at least a month to form a good habit. In 2016 I purchased a journal called {21 Days} Make or Break a Habit. I think I fell off the wagon seven days in. Four years later, I still use the journal, mostly to take notes and write.

Discipline or Motivation?

When I’m struggling I find myself giving me a pep talk that goes along the lines of something like this, “Enough with the excuses already!” I can name a few at any given moment as I’m sure many of you can. I mentally go back the quote below when I’m feeling an “But I don’t want to” percolating inside.

You will never always be motivated, so you must learn to be disciplined.

I used to believe that motivation was enough to get things done, but the truth is motivation fades just as quickly as a feeling. If you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal, right? And that’s where discipline takes over.


I have included a downloadable workbook that you can use on your own journey to good habits. Always remember that consistency is what will make or break your habit. I encourage you to spend a moment each day to write about your habit and your main reason for establishing it. One sentence will suffice. Reminding yourself daily will further assist you to instill it in your life for good.

Click the download button to start your good habit now!

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