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Last year we acquired an air fryer from an acquaintance, never used. If someone was going to give it away, I was definitely going to give it a try. Well, it sat on a shelf for months in my garage. I brought it in and set it on another shelf in my kitchen with the intention to use it, once again sitting for another few months. One thing I have learned with kitchen appliances is that just because you see if every day, it won’t make you use it any sooner…that is until you realize that you don’t have any chips in the pantry, but you do have a bag of yellow potatoes and an air fryer.

I didn’t start using it until the past couple of weeks, so after trying frozen foods, I ventured into the land of Pinterest and found a recipe to create my own potato chips and it has now blossomed into me trying out new recipes weekly, if not daily. Although it is a healthier alternative than using a deep fryer, it’s important to remember that all things are good in moderation. It seems like a no-brainer from lightly tossing your foods in olive oil rather than soaking it in a vat of oil, right? I have made plenty of fried goodies for the family, but why not try a healthier version? Here are some ideas if you have an air fryer that’s collecting dust on a forgotten shelf.

  1. Frozen French Fries – use your favorite seasoning on your fries. I like seasoning salt or even popcorn seasoning. My family likes the nacho cheese seasoning with a side of Taco Bell nacho cheese.

2. Frozen Chicken Nuggets

3. Potato Chips – This is another recipe we like to use popcorn seasoning on. Sea salt will work just as well. Depending on the capacity of your air fryer, you may be standing watch for a couple hours to generate a fair amount of chips to share with the family. It does make you more mindful of how many chips you munch on and for myself it was a considerable amount less than if I had a bag of chips at the ready.

4. Fried Chicken – this was a great recipe and reheating any leftovers was a cinch. Don’t leave out the buttermilk (it keeps your chicken juicy) and if you don’t have buttermilk on hand substitute every cup with one cup of milk and one tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar. Leftovers take just 4 minutes to reheat at 375.

5. Potato Wedges – Have you tried the potato wedges from Wendy’s? These ones are a very close match.

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