Aloha Rise & Grind

Life is a journey. Enjoy the scenery.

Do you remember that song by the Dixie Chicks? It was the album post-Natalie Maine’s statement about President Bush. “The Long Way Around”

But I’ve always found my way somehow
By takin’ the long way

In the past, I felt like I was reinventing myself or trying to find a better version of myself to present to the world. I am an artist. No wait, I’m an ultramarathoner. Defining myself was half my problem. I choose not to limit myself to identify as one thing. I am a culmination of I ams. I have come to realize that in that quest, I have discovered that I am who I need to be and exactly where I need to be at this precise moment. No regrets. I am the sum of my experiences and they have made me who I am. I guess you can say, I’m feeling better in my own skin. It took not running to get me here, but I wouldn’t trade any of those miles for anything.

I am slowly learning how to put myself out there as a writer. For the most part, I have lived apart from social media. I walk on my treadmill for exactly 45 minutes every day. I no longer have the temptation to post what shoes I’m wearing or what I’m eating for breakfast, even it looks aesthetically pleasing. I don’t post every day nor do I fill my mornings or evenings with endless scrolling to see what other people are doing or eating. I am no longer seeking approval from people I hardly know or had known in a past version of myself. For now, I am happy in just being. Thanks for dropping by.

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